I have always wanted to run my own business but with a busy family life and work commitments the time was never right. I come from a fashion clothing background having built up a progressive career in design and product development since the age of 16.  

In 2009 I started working for a leather accessories manufacturer and this is where the seed was sown for me. I developed a love for leather and working with a new type of product was really inspiring for me. It was after coming back from a customer meeting one night when I had my light bulb moment and thought, 'I could do this myself'! So I thought about what I wanted to make and why. I knew that I wanted to make special tactile pieces that you couldn't buy anywhere else. I also wanted to use natural materials that were durable and had a timeless appeal to them. They also had to be 'Made in England'. This was very important for me because having worked in the fashion industry for a long time I had seen manufacturing move oversees to the Far East where quality and skill have been compromised for a keen price.

Mimi Eden was launched with a view to produce beautifully handcrafted pieces using the finest quality leather and natural materials at my studio in Yorkshire. Attention to detail and quality workmanship are a must. All pieces have simple unique style details with a nod to current trends and are limited editions which makes them even more special. 

My mission is to make beautiful, stylish, affordable accessories handmade in Britain accessible to the modern woman. 

I have definitely moved on from where I first started and am coming in to my stride by making pieces that I believe have a strong identity and use that will stand the test of time. I have a long way to go but am enjoying the journey and I hope my products reflect this.

Thats it for now

Love Mimi x